JOINTS. Roadside, that is…

I am fond of off the road, out of the way, never been down this street, road, avenue type of driving.  And often I’m rewarded with new adventures.  If I’m really lucky I’ll find a new joint to grab lunch or dinner.  (Finding a new breakfast joint would be heaven but those seem fewer and fewer these days.)

A while back I had to be up in Rocky Top.  Yes, that Rock Top, as in the song.  That song that once it gets in your mind, it squats.

It was a quick work trip and I found myself zipping down Main Street and hurriedly heading back to Knoxville.  But out of the corner of my eye I spied:

This was  just a quick glance as I was ready to get back to the “big city”.

But, it wasn’t long until I found myself back in Rocky Top and I was hungry.  I do love me some Bar-B-Que so I decided to pull in and give Coal Creek Smokehouse a try.  And OhMyYum what a great decision.  The place is a small house accessed from an alley between two buildings or from a side entrance through a gravel walk.  But either way you get in, once you’re there, you want to stay in and Pig Out!

Here are some of the YUMS I have enjoyed:

Brisket Plate with Baked Beans and Potato Salad and SPOON BREAD
Pulled pork sandwich with Mac & Cheese and Baked Beans
Fried Pickles
Pulled Pork platter

I return often.  The food is all homemade and the meats are smoked in house.  This past Tuesday they had sold so much pork they were out.  So Brisket won, temporarily.  So far the Pulled Pork is my favorite.

I have never had Spoon Bread before.  I love all things corn and corn and more corn.  I’ve had corn bread baked and fried.  But this spoon bread was out of this world.  I found a recipe online that I want to try soon.  It looks so similar.  Spoon Bread.  If it’s anywhere as good as Coal Creek’s, it’s heavenly.

The town of Rocky Top started out as Coal Creek.  It was a mining town.  Then it was Lake City.  Now it’s Rocky Top.  Ever how you call it, I call it “Tops” in Bar-B-Que.  Do yourself a favor, get off the freeway, the throughway and follow your hungry gut to discover something new and different.  I’m surely glad I did.  And I’ll do it again and again!


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  1. Today I ate at a small place in Clinton, TN. The food was very inexpensive. And the quality was too. It doesn’t even rate a mention. It was a first and last time experience. Not bad, just not worth a return visit.

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