Dharma Kelleher

What a fun conversation I had with Dharma Kelleher about her writing and process. Dharma is the author of the Jinx Ballou series and the Shea Stevens series. She juggles writing, working, caring for her partner and life in general. In other words, like we do.

The Jinx Ballou series is a gritty action-packed read about a Bounty Hunter. In a phrase, Jinx is a Bad-Ass. Here’s our conversation:

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In The Pink

By Nicholas Garnett

I had such a great time chatting with Nicholas Garnett about his recently released book: In The Pink. Nick chronicles his life and times as a Straight man in the Gay circuit scene. He and his ex-wife lived a life that was action-packed, drug fueled with endless nights of partying and dancing. And Nick details it with honestly and reverence. It’s a must read of life on the edge and surviving it.

Here is a video of my chat with Nick about his Fabulous memoir In The Pink!

The circuit party life was Fun. And most importantly there really is life after the party. Trust me when I say, you really do want to know what happens after the party.

To Nick I say Bravo. To the reader I say celebrate with us!

Link Order there or at your nearest independent booksellar.




Something NEW is Coming

In a very short time something NEW is coming to OutWithDan. I will begin a Vodcast dedicated to prompting LGBTQ+ Authors, Characters and Our Allies. Stay Tuned…

New Vodcast Coming