Joints! Texas Style

Recently, I went to visit my good friends Milner and Andrew at their new home in Dickinson, TX. It’s such a beautiful home and they are inviting, so it makes it all the more special. Dickinson is part-way between Houston and Galveston Beach. Perhaps a tad closer to Galveston.

On Sunday of my visit, Milner and I visited the Dikes. The ones in Texas City. We rode out along the dike and saw lots of fishermen (fisherpersons) who were having such a grand time in the warm weather casting about for local fish. It was just heavenly being down by the water.

Next up, we drove down to Galveston. The downtown is so adorable. It was like an extra clean version of the French Quarter in NOLa. The buildings are old and appear to be quite sturdy. They have lived through many a hurricane and have survived. We strolled around and did some shopping and touristy type things. Here are a few snaps of downtown Galveston.

Downton Galveston TX
Downtown Galveston TX
Here comes the Trolley Downtown Galveston TX
Come Blow Your Horn

After leaving Galveston, Milner and I decided on a Seafood lunch. I do love Seafood! Mil called his realtor/friend Jackie on the speakerphone and she suggested a place in San Leon. Now I am proud of my southern accent, but I confess that I simply couldn’t understand the name of the restaurant. I asked Mil 2 or 3 times “What did she say?” lol. But once Mil said the same name into GPS we were on our way to Gilhooleys!

Lordhammercy! San Leon ain’t on the beaten path. But trust me it’s worth the trip. I kept expecting a city to rise up. And, I kept noticing that no city was rising up. LOL. But when we arrived at Gilhooleys, we understood that city or no city, it was popular. We opted to sit inside (they have a large tented area outside). And we were sat near the bar. How convenient for me! We were told that the CC machine may or may not be working, but there was an ATM “over yonder”. OhMyYum did they have tasty morsels. And I tasted as much as possible. I started with the Gulf Oysters which were the size of a grapefruit. Not really, but I don’t think I’ve seen any this big!

Gulf Oysters. OhMyYum, would you look at the size??

I didn’t lick the shell, but I surely thought about it. And then there was DinDin….

Gulf Shrimp

These shrimp were perfectly battered and fried to perfection. I mean, just writing about this makes my mouth water. More, please!

And they have a sense of humor, which is always appreciated!!

AyeAye Capt’n

So if you’re ever in the Houston/Galveston area, I highly recommend Gilhooleys. This is so (literally) “Off The Hook” delicious.

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