The Nutty Attache’

Oh the delights of Diplomatico Rum.  There are several flavors and so far I have been digging these three:

From left they are Mantuano, Planos and Exclusiva.  These are a little slice heaven in a bottle and are imported from Venezuela.  Aside from its beautiful people, Venezuela has delivered a most beautiful Rum.  There are a few other varieties and once I save up my coins, I will give the Mac-daddy versions a try.  (I accept monetary gifts if you are so inclined. )

For the Nutty Attache’ I have chosen to use Planos.  It’s smooth and clear and combines nicely with the other ingredients.  I have chosen to combine the Planos with Midori and Orgeat.   The sweet yumminess of the Melon Liqueur combines so smoothly with the creamy nuttiness of the Orgeat and they balance each out with precision.

And this recipe is so easy and quick:

It’s quick and easy and vibrantly beautiful.  Give it a try and post a comment if you enjoyed!

Peace & Love,


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