I know for those of us who imbibe, we might have had that ONE thing that we enjoyed a wee bit too much.  I love Gin, but the number of peeps that say “Oh Heavens to Betsy NO, I don’t do gin…”  Or scotch or tequila or or or.  Me, I had never been a fan of rum.  But perhaps that’s because I had never experienced  GOOD Rum.  That has changed!  Over the next few weeks I will share with you some of the goodies that I have come to know.  F\But for now…

When I moved to Eastern TN, I was turned on to the best spirits house in town: Parkway Discount Liquors.  They have a great variety of spirits.  On my first visit, one of the employees insisted that I give Bumbu a try.  I informed Terry that rum wasn’t my go-to.  She said you will try it. You will like it.  Since it’s booze, so I said “OK”.  (And truly I was a little afraid to say no to her.  LOL). She told me that she had hers chilling in the fridge and just the weekend before she had enjoyed it straight with frozen strawberries.  Even though I was originally skeptical, I now know that Terry “done schooled me.”  This Bumbu is simply heavenly.  And now I maintain a bottle in my fridge.

So for the tasting notes.…. yeah, about that…. I can only tell you if I like it.  If you click the link for tasting notes you will see what others say.  I already know I say YES!

If you even remotely like rum, I encourage you to seek out Bumbu.  It’s a product of Barbados.   If this is the goodness of Barbados, I need to schedule a trip there.  Enjoy Bumbu and feel the tropics wash over you with a peace of Island Life!   BTW, the Food & Rum Festival is the 18-21 of October.  Let’s Go!

Cheers and Enjoy and Peace and Love!



There are four glasses.  Who wants to join me?  I’d love it!

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  1. You may be right, my dislike of rum might be that I haven’t had GOOD rum yet, so I’ll definitely look for Bumbu the next time I go drink shopping! You haven’t steered me wrong yet… well, not too much anyways. LOL 😉 xoxo

    P.S. Let’s definitely check out that Rum Festival in Barbados next year!!

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