Berry Patch

My good friend George challenged me to make a Blueberry drink.  So I took up that challenge.  I decided I wanted to make an after-dinner drink, a dessert type drink.

I tried to make a drink with fresh blueberries as a base.  I love blueberries; however, they’re really not that sweet.  I tried several different ways, but none suited me.  But my frustration only spurred me on.

I then set out in a different direction.  I decided to try a Blueberry flavored Liqueur.  I went in search of one. At my “happy place” in Knoxville – McScrooges, I found Vergnano’s Mirtillo Liqueur.  Honestly I thought Mirtillo was such a cute name.  It means Blueberry in Italian.  “Old Dog Learns New Trick” moment.   Once I brought it home, I had to have a little taste.  I wanted to know if I’d like it on its on, and would I think it would mix well.  And the answer to both questions is Yes!

On its own, the Mirtillo isn’t very sweet.  I has a wondrous hint of blueberry.  And it’s smooth.  Very smooth.  So it makes for a great sipping drink all on its own.

  It’s #OhMyYum

Now I felt I was on the right track.  As with my Lucky Black Cherry, I love to use Chambord.  (See my earlier yummy recipe.). Chambord is such a yummy Black Raspberry liqueur.  And it makes such a great addition to drinks and also as a stand-alone bit of yumminess.

Now that I was sold on two major ingredients, I needed a base.  I have a few go-to’s to that I love.  For an after dinner drink, I find Vodka works best.  Recently I have discovered Effen Vodka.  Not only does Effen make great vodka, they make really great flavored vodkas.  I chose the Black Cherry version for this recipe.  (The Blood Orange will be featured soon.  Stay tuned!). But for now, the Black Cherry is the star of the show.

And here is my recipe for Berry Patch:

Pour the first three ingredients over a few cubes of ice and shake vigorously.  Pour into a punch cup and fill the with the desired amount of Half & Half.  Garnish with a Black Cherry, a Raspberry and a Blueberry.

Enjoy responsibly.  And often!  I drank mine while I enjoyed a bowl of berries.


Peace & Love!!

PS:  I love “fancy skewers and glasses”.  And Crate And Barrel makes some really cute, cool and affordable barware.  Elevate your drink each chance you get!

3 Replies to “Berry Patch”

  1. Love!!! Thank you for accepting the challenge and returning such an original and unexpected result. I know what I’ll be mixing up this weekend!

  2. What a fun mix of flavors! I wouldn’t have thought to add in the half ‘n half, but I bet that made it feel like a bowl of berries and cream! I think this would make an excellent dessert drink.

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