Crooked Halo

You know you either have one or you wish you did.  lol. Come on now, be Honest.  A Crooked Halo might be a bit of fun.

And when it comes to my newest drink creation, it’s way more than just fun.  It’s delicious.

The inspiration came from the wonderful people at Angel’s Envy.  They have pledged to plant a white oak tree for each post tagged with #ToastTheTrees (click the link) and of course I thought if they can do something this great, then I could create a drink to celebrate their pledge.  And that is the backstory of my Crooked Halo.  And it’s super easy to make and is made with things you might already have.  But if not, get to shopping!


Muddle an orange slice in a glass.  Add two ounces of Angels Envy and one half ounce of Grand Marnier and stir together to incorporate.  Fill glass with ice and finish off with ginger ale.  (Fever Tree is a great Ginger Ale.)  Garnish with an orange wedge.  I served mine in a vintage Playboy rocks glass.  I’m cool like that.  Here’s the results:

Cheers to Angel’s Envy for their mission.  May it be a Success!

Enjoy often and responsibly.


Love & Peace



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