I love Live Theater.  I have been fortunate enough to have seen some really great theater in my life.  I’ve also had a privilege to have performed in live theater as well.

Since moving back eastward, I have decided to get out more and support the local arts as much as possible.  And I can report, Eastern Tennessee is RICH in live theater.

The first show I saw here was Del Shore’s “Sordid Lives.”  The show was staged at Johnson City Community Theater.  I saw this show  in Los Angeles several times, so it was a pleasure for it to be my first theater outing in my new home.

I loved the TV show “In The Heat Of The Night.”  I do remember seeing the original movie when I was quite young, but I remember the TV show more.  I was thrilled to be able to see it in a theater setting.  And oh what a powerhouse.  I saw this show in Abingdon, VA at the Barter Theater.  BTW, the Barter is Virginia’s state theater.

I had so wanted to see “I Love A Piano” in Jonesborough.  I had thought I was to be out of town the last weekend it ran.  But my travel plans changed and I had completely forgotten to pick up tickets.  But Fate had a very different plan.  On the last Saturday it ran, I happened to wonder over to Jonesborough (a whole 8 miles away) and was walking around and getting a bit of exercise and window shopping.  As I was meandering down Main Street I happened to see that “I Love A Piano” was starting in less than 10 minutes.  I popped my head into Jonesborough Rep Theater to see if any tickets were available and there was one.  And that’s all I needed.  So I said YES.

The next two shows were both presented by Kingsport Theatre Guild.  And what shows.  Both are deep and rich in family issues.  First up was “‘Night Mother”.  A two woman show featuring a mother and daughter.  A solid show with great performances.  This is a show I’d love to see again.

And last night I saw the Southern Melodrama “Steel Magnolias”.  Oh what deliciousness are the quips, and how heart-wrenching is the seriousness of the piece.

In three months I have been dazzled by 5 very different shows.  The casts have  possessed a wide range of talent.  Each theater is different in setting, staging, lighting.  But all of them have the same thing in common:  A Desire to Entertain.  And all of them have succeeded wildly.  Come to Eastern Tennessee (and far western VA) and be  entertained.  It ain’t only NYC and LA that know theater!

Let’s Go LIVE!

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