Typically I spend most birthdays in NYC, 13 of the last 15 to be exact.  Usually, it’s still cold and after living in Los Angeles for the last 17 years, a bit of cold was always fun.  This year my birthday was not long after relocating from LA to Eastern Tennessee, so I opted against NYC.  Nothing personal Big Apple….

I decided to make a short driving trip for this year’s birthday.  (As if that cross-country relocation wasn’t enough driving.  lol). And I wanted to go to some place that I’d never been before.  I settled on Lexington, KY. and I’m so glad I did.  Typically it’s a four hour trip for most people, you will quickly learn “I ain’t most people.”  I love to leap frog, hopscotch, lollygag or aimless wander as I wonder… I’m a sucker for seeing every small town and most roadside attractions along the way.  I’m endless fascinated by local things.

Otherwise, I would never have realized there is such a thing as a Woodbooger.  It’s in Norton, VA.  Sadly, I was a little too early to eat there as they opened a few hours after I drove thru, but next time for sure.


Woodbooger Grill

And I am a lover of alcohol.  I am always searching for something local.  According the google gods, there is a Moonshine (and vodka) distiller in Whitesburg, KY.  I have yet to acquire a taste for “Shine” but I wanted to give it a try.  Again, I was too early.  Boo…  Next time for sure (again).

Kentucky Mist

Kentucky Mist Moonshine

FORTUNATELY, Lexington was Open.  I arrived early afternoon.  I had looked for a unique and stately place to call home.  And boy did I find it in The Campbell House.  It’s a curio collection property by Hilton.  It’s old school oozing with charm and elegance.  The Campbell House Lexington.

My birthday weekend was bitterly cold (I think NYC sent the cold to taunt me.). But I wrapped up and went forth and conquered.

Here are a few of my pix from this fun trip to Lexington.


All in all, I had a most delicious and satisfying birthday.  Now, I’m comfortably on Highway known as 55.  And it’s a whole lotta fun!

Peace!  DAN

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